eBay Bans Love Potions, Magic Spells, Psychic Readings, Tarot and Other Metaphysical Auctions

Do you believe in magic? eBay doesn’t. Harry Potter and his fellow Hogwarts alumni will have to peddle their spells and potions elsewhere on the web. Starting in September, the online auction giant is banning all metaphysical items and services. That means no more Tarot readings, psychic predictions, seances, Reiki, astrology star-charts, exorcisms, blessings, curses, haunted dolls, healing crystals, alien artifacts or other paranormal goods and services. The news was announced in eBay’s recent Fall 2012 Seller Update, which included “magic” among 14 other discontinued categories. eBay explained that the ban was imposed in an effort to boost buyer confidence and eliminate “difficult to resolve” transactions from the eBay marketplace. Finish Reading on the Scambook Blog.

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