3 Halloween Fraud Trends to Chill Your Bones: Fake Costume Shops, Phishing and Scalped Tickets

Like a shadowy black cat, Halloween 2012 is creeping closer and closer! Scambook has identified three spooktacular schemes to watch out for this October. This horrifying holiday can be tremendous fun, for kids and adults alike, but safety is crucial when you’re squinting through a zombie mask or taking your little ones around the neighborhood to collect their weight in candy. Your Halloween should be full of treats, not some fraudster’s tricks. Take it from us, no wailing from beyond the grave will set your pulse pounding as hard as the realization that a crook has your credit card number. Beware Halloween costume stores that don’t deliver, Halloween-themed phishing attacks and scalpers selling fake tickets for haunted house tours and theme park events like Six Flags Fright Fest. At Scambook this year, we’re dressing up like the Scooby Doo crew and getting ready to yank the rubber monster hood off those villains who will try to rip you off and steal your money with these Halloween hoaxes. Finish Reading on the Scambook Blog.